Realizing your brand one piece at a time


No Habitat On Mars is a Copenhagen based company. We offer sustainable and fair custom made clothing, gifts and promotional solutions for businesses.

We help companies realize their brand one garment or merchandise at a time. In order to succeed, each of our solutions are custom made in cooporation with the client.

With the knowledge that there are (currently) No Habitat On Mars, we strive to make our products sustainable and fair.

We are a local company with a global outlook.


What We Do

Our focus is especially on Decent Work Conditions and Responsible Consumption And Production according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (goal #8 and #12).

Our manufacturers have to adhere to sustainable and fair practices, therefore we only use manufacturers that have certified practices.


We want to show that today, sustainable and fair clothing and merchandise do not have to be neither expensive or boring.

It makes sense.

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Realizing Visions

We design, produce and offer a wide variety of  sustainable and fair clothing and exclusive goods for businesses, such as: 


Uniforms, leisure- and sportswear or business apparel.

Luxury gifts, sustainable merchandise, premium olive oil and chocolates.

... And so much more

With our more than 25 years of knowhow and experience, we want to become your prefered sustainable and fair supplier.

There are so many great stories to be told, let us help you make your brand part of those stories.


Let us start the story now, call us today.

Our Stance

"Most things start with a vision, and the goal is to set up your business in a way that enables you to fulfill your vision. It's when we dare to say them out loud that the real work begins, and the pressure is on to fulfilling them... [...]"


Arve Ulriksen, CEO Mo Industripark at COP24



ADDRESS: Baunegårdsvej 9, st., 2820 Gentofte, Denmark

Rikke Wolffsen TEL: +45 3125 3118 | Nicolai Sørensen TEL: +45 4033 9727 |